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I Abhor CERN

Seek truth. Expose evil. CERN is evil.

How the Effect Is Possible

YouTuber Photohelix proposes that the Mandela Effect be called the Quantum Effect because the changes involve quantum physics principles used by CERN and the D-Wave computers.

The merging dimensions are on the subatomic level but effect what is seen on the macro level. Quantum physics focuses on the microscopic and smaller, looking at the smallest unit of matter and then examining how the smallest particles are bound to dark matter.

CERN has proven some of the quantum physics principles Einstein and Tesla were investigating before their deaths. Einstein struggled to understand dark matter which used to be called ether.

When the scientists at CERN try to view and measure dark matter, it appears and disappears too quickly to be studied.

Physicists know dark matter exists based on how matter behaves. Antimatter behaves differently from matter. The spirit realm is actually a dimension of dark matter.

Check out videos posted on the CERN website and YouTube videos on String Theory, and Quantum Entanglement. Photohelix, Paul Adams, and Affected Collective. There are a huge amount of other videos on the "How" of the Effect.

The quantum level includes superposition which involves every decision someone could make in a particular situation. There are infinite possibilities. D-Wave computers are able to calculate the outcome of every decision and make each decision into a reality. With most computers, a byte is either a 0 or a 1. With the D-Wave computer every qubit is 0, 1, and every number in between. In other words, it calculates the outcome of every possibility.

Paul Adams, who has many YouTube videos gave me the following example:

You planned to go to lunch last Saturday, and your two choices were McDonald's and Wendy's. You and a friend (Bill) went to Wendy's, and you got a salad. The cashier gave you and Bill receipts. While you were there, you had a lengthy conversation with another friend (Cindy). Cindy gave you a CD to listen to.

You and Bill went on your way. Days later, you and Bill are sitting and talking at work. Cindy comes over and asks you whether you liked the CD she gave you at Wendy's during lunch on Saturday. You tell her your thoughts on the CD. Bill says, "Wendy's? We had lunch at McDonald's on Saturday." You pull out your wallet and show Bill the receipt from Saturday's lunch. It's for a Wendy's salad. Bill looks at his receipt which is also from Wendy's. You find the CD and show Bill. He insists that the two of you ate at McDonald's.

Which of you is correct? Both of you are correct. With the Effect, someone used a D-Wave to change the superposition of one particle on a subatomic level. As a result, the outcome changed.

The different decisions (McDonald's or Wendy's) that were possibilities are considered and another outcome may be experienced (Wendy's instead of McDonald's) than what you remember.

There's a quantum physics principle called Particle Entanglement. Only people involved with the particles related to a change on the quantum level (dark matter) are directly effected. Cindy was not directly effected by this particular Effect, so she sees nothing out of the ordinary. Bill, on the other hand, was effected by the change. He is saying, "What the heck?"

When a change occurs, every trace of the other timeline is instantly wiped erased and replaced with new evidence because the change happened in the unseen realm (dark matter).

String Theory deals with dark matter being connected to other matter that may be separated by time and space. Einstein called this "Spooky Action At a Distance." I find this to be the most challenging quantum physics principle so far. This is when dark matter, which is inseparable from other dark matter, move in tandum. If one particle turns horizontal, its corresponding particle turns horizontal simultaneously. Every position is matched, regardless of where and when; if one is up, it's corresponding piece is down.

Not only does this change occur faster than it can be measured, the change impacts the past, present, and future. With String Theory, it's as if whatever decision was made was always made. Now, you and Bill never went to McDonald's, even though it happened in Bill's timeline and Bill remembers having lunch there with you on Saturday.

The cashiers and others at both restaurants were effected. They may remember one of those timelines or the other. They also may either have a clear memory of seeing you or a fragmented/glimpses of a memory where they would wonder if it they really interacted with you or not. Everyone has been effected. They may remember one of those timelines or the other. They also may either have a clear memory of seeing you or a fragmented/glimpses of a memory where they would wonder if it they really interacted with you or not. Everyone has been effected to one degree or another.

CERN uses technology that was never meant for mankind to use.

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