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I Abhor CERN

Seek truth. Expose evil. CERN is evil.

Other Quantum/Mandela Effect Oddities

Answer the following questions from memory. Do not look anything up online yet.

1. Forrest Gump

Life __ like a box of chocolates.

2. Snow White

___ mirror on the wall ...

3. JFK Assassination

There were ____ people in the car besides Pres. Kennedy.

4. Star Wars

____, I am your father.

5. E.T.

What did E.T. say about the phone?

_____ E.T. _______ __________.

6.. Field of Dreams

If you build it, ____ will come.

7.. Prince's Let's Go Crazy

Dearly beloved, we're gathered together today to _____ this thing called life

8. Interview with __ Vampire

9. Sex ____ the City

Now, go online and research the questions above. You are in for a surprise.

Do your answers differ from those on Google and other search sites? You are not the only one. Look at the videos below.

The Bernstein/Bernstain Bears served as bread crumbs that led me on a search for truth regarding the Mandela Effect. The link is below.

Proof Of The Mandela Effect In Action, Berenstein / Berenstain Bears

By Ya OughtaLearn

Blame It On the Berenstein Bears

On June 15, 2016, I was looking at random YouTube videos as usual. I noticed an interesting video link next to the video I was watching. The link was a poll: Berenstein or Berenstain.

If I had never clicked that link, I may have never encountered the Quantum Effect/Mandela Effect. My clicking that link led me down the endless rabbit hole of the Mandela Effect.

This shift in reality cannot be proved nor disproved. However, I, along with tens of thousands of others are searching for truth of regarding the Effect. I've come to realize that no one agrees with others 100% on every perceived change; that is part of the challenge. When I started this journey toward truth about the Mandela Effect/Quantum Effect I had no idea how many changes there exist. The changes to the information above is not even a fraction of all of the changes. The list continues to grow daily.

On the main page, I mentioned that there is literally a world of changes. Some of the changes are below. Each link below leads to other links, which lead to other links, ... Some of parts of the cumulative videos on this page ( ) refer to things that never happened in my reality (WTC6). There are mentions of changes in videos that I remember that others do not, and vice versa. Other things were changed in subtle ways ( ). Some things were changed dramatically ( JFK) (globe and maps). I encourage each of you to conduct your own research, but first, trust that your own memories are true.

Since you are looking at , you have likely had something that led you down this path, to a search for truth. As for me, I blame this quest for QE/ME knowledge on the Berenstein Bears.

Comprehensive List of Quantum/Mandela Effect Changes

The Mandela Effect - Comprehensive List of Examples

By ChaldeanCauldron

Human Anatomy

Mandela Effect Nurse Interview (Body & Bible Cognitive Dissonance)\

By Vanessa VA

Globe and World Maps

Mandela Effect: Top 10 World Map Changes

By Shawn Indigo

When Japan Bombed Oregon in WWII

Oregon was Bombed by Japan in 1945 - Mandela Effect?

By Wanderlust: Travel, History, & Science

The Pyramids

Mandela Effect - The Pyramids Reloaded

By scarabperformance 

JFK Assassination

Mandela Effect | JFK assassination changed due to the Mandela Effect? #MandelaEffect

By Esoteric Detective

JFK Assassination

Mandela Effect | Top 4 Proofs for a FOUR Seater Car in the JFK Assassination #MandelaEffect

By Esoteric Detective

Moon Bombed With Nuke

Statue of Liberty-Bridge

Shifted NYC Landmarks - The Mandela Effect

By ChaldeanCauldron

Pelican Island, Texas, USA

Mandela Effect, Galveston, and the NEW Pelican Island Texas. Part 1.

By Miss Pickle

More World Geography

The Mandela Effect On World Geography!

By MoneyBags73

The Rock of Gibralter

The Rock of Gibraltar, and the Mandela Effect???

By the Truth is stranger than fiction...

New Species Added

MANDELA EFFECT Update Part 1 , Possibile New Animal Species " Wizard of Oz " Scarecrow Change , CERN

By James Demoruelle

Forrest Gump

Mandela Effect - Forrest Gump

By Jesse Rhoades

Forrest Gump

life IS like a box of chocolates

By Paul Adams

"Top 5 Mandela Effects"

Top 5 Mandela Effects | Is SOMETHING editing HISTORY? #MandelaEffect

By Esoteric Detective

Mayweather VS Pacquiao

Mandela Effect - Floyd Mayweather VS Manny Pacquiao + Life *IS* not "was" like a box of chocolates Good Information -Obscenity Warning By Wake UP 2016

AND Mandela Effect Floyd Mayweather VS Manny Pacquiao + Life *IS* not was like a box of chocolates By William Dacey

Paintings, Logos, Movies, Geography

Abnormal Truth - Patterns and examples of the Mandela effect

By Abnormal Truth

Mona Lisa Smiles

Mandela Effect- 'Old' Mona Lisa Found! Huge Residual!

By Truth and Life

ET Phone Home

HUGE Mandela Effect - 1,000,000% PROOF IT WAS "PHONE HOME" (E.T.) (Vote #286)

By Brian MacFarlane

The Scarecrow Has a Gun

The Mandela Effect (The Scarecrow Has A Gun!!/ The Wizard Of Oz.) Please Vote #20

By MoneyBags73

Dictionary Adds Pages

July 27 2016 Mandela Effect Level Two Arrives. Please See! Share!

By Hillarys Guide to the Impossible

Prince - "Let's Go Crazy"

The Mandela Effect of Prince you may have missed.

By Montre Bible 

Colors, Names, Logos, History

The Mandela Effect/More Examples/19

By Curiouser&curiouser

Capricorn Astrology Changed

Mandela Effect: How the Capricorn symbol changed in 2 weeks.

By Miss Pickle

Snow White

Snow White Glitch - Mandela Effect

By Same Feet

New Reality



Explaining the Effect

Video for those who Don't Get the Mandela Effect

By Chris Curtis

Survey Results

Mandela Effect Report- 25K responses- Ruling out memory as the cause

By Aggroed Lighthacker

List of Effects

Huge Shocking Mandela Effect List Absolute Proof

By Jacob Israel

Lady Liberty Bombed

German Terrorists Bombed New York During WWI | What History Forgot

By American Heroes Channel

Shoebill Stork



Geographic Changes

Geography of Americas : The Mandela Effect

By ShockOfChrist

Mandela Effect Test

The Mandela Effect Test That Everyone Has Been Waiting For!!!!

By ShineTheLight73 

Who's Afraid Of the Big, Bad Wolf?

Mandela Effect: The Case Of The Big Bad Wolf (I'll Blow Your House... ICONIC LINE CHANGED!)

By WhereInLiesTheTruth

WW2 Attack on America

NOVA Nazi Attack on America PBS


Japan Invaded Alaska

Forgotten History - Japanese Invasion of Alaska - Episode 5

By JoshBadWriter

WW2 Combat Over Alaska

Aleutian Islands Campaign WW2 - Combat Runs over Kiska, Alaska - 1940's

By Historia - Bel99TV

Tankman Residue

Tiananmen Square Tank Man - Mandela Effect

By NeEd InPuT

Out Of This World Places

Places on Earth That Look OUT OF THIS WORLD

By Minds Eye Design

Horizontal "Fire" Rainbows

Rainbow Trees

Pink Apples

Mountain Rose Apples Have Hot Pink Fruit

By GeoBeats News

Rainbow Mountains

Natural wonders - Rainbow Mountains (China)

By natural wonders

Rainbow-colored Snakes

Snakes - Exotic snakes on the planet

By Strange Story

Spotted Skunk

Spotted skunk handstand - Weird Nature - BBC wildlife

By BBCWorldwide

2-Striped Skunk

Family of skunks meet bicyclist

By 70datsun240z

Technicolor Beaches

15 Of The Most Unusual Beaches Around The World

By Amelia UK

Think About It: The Thinker

Mandela MAILBAG #7 | Rodin's The Thinker has changed! And more! | #MandelaEffect

By Esoteric Detective

WTC Building 6

Surreal Pictures Inside WTC 6 Destroys 9/11 Cover Story For Ever !

By BeautifulGirlByDana

Cracker Jacks and Vick's Vapor Rub

Mandela Effect - Vicks Vapor Rub & Cracker Jacks

By scarabperformance

Vampire Fish

Reaper Vampire Creature - The Sarcastic Fringehead

By Epic Wildlife

Spotted Lake


By lifeofluke

Proof of Recent Geological Changes 1

Mandela : Proof of Recent Geological Changes pt1: Effect

By NoblenessDee

Rainbow-colored Birds

Awesome Beautiful Birds .....

By Animal Kingdom & WildLife Facebook page

Impossible Island

Mandela : IMPOSSIBLE ISLAND : Effect

By NoblenessDee

Ribbon Seal

Hooded Seal

Hooded Seal | World's Weirdest

By Nat Geo WILD

Leopard Seal

Face-Off With a Deadly Predator

By National Geographic

Attacking, Jumping Cactus

Ouch! Jumping Cactus Attack!

By Brave Wilderness

Unearthly Scenery in Ethiopia

The Unearthly Scenery of Dallol, Ethiopia in HD

By Amazing Places on Our Planet

Werewolf Cat

Daciana The Werewolf Cat Princess (Lykoi Cat ~ The "Wolf Cat")

By LykoiCat

Proof Land Mass Was an Island

Costa Rica - Residue of land mass being an island

By NoblenessDee

Huge Senegal Statue

Live. Love. Africa: Tour of the African Renaissance Monument. Dakar, Senegal

By Search for Uhuru

Sheep Pig

Mangalitsa Pig Looks Like Sheep and Yields Prized Meat

By GeoBeats News

Giant, Black Slug

IT'S HUGE! Giant Black Slug!

By Brave Wilderness

Jackson 5 Mandela Effect

The Jackson 5 Mandela Effect! ***HUGE Effect***

This change seems to be in progress.

By Scarabperformance

Red Banana

Eating a Red Banana | Is it Actually Red? | JD's Variety Channel

By JD's Variety Channel

God Moons Everyone

Mandela Effect? God Has Been Mooning Everyone In The Sistine Chapel For 500 Years!

By Moneybags73

How Many People Were In Jackson 5?

I distinctly remember the Jackson 5 having members. Some videos have six members. Randy, not Michael, is the youngest in those videos.

By danaline18 

Great Wall of What? 2


By I am Lazlow

God Reaches Over, Not Down

Mandela Effect (God Reaches Over Now In Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel Painting) Please Vote #145

By Moneybags73

Car Has Logos From Two Realities

Mandela Effect - a car caught between universes - Part 1

By Darrell Gable

Great Wall of What? 1

Mandela Effect: The Great Wall of India?!?

By Lone Eagle

Twin Towers' Antenna Flip Flops

Huge M.E. History Now Shows The Twin Towers Had A Large Antenna or Pole On Top!

By Mandela Effect Residue

Cars Disappear

Mandela effect Caught on camera as it happened best evidence for missing people

By Bluebeard2011

Planes Defy Gravity

PLANES STOP IN MID-AIR (RE-UPLOAD) WHAT THE FLUX? Quantum Time Hovering? Mandela Effect? July 2017

By Affected Collective