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I Abhor CERN

Seek truth. Expose evil. CERN is evil.


ALERT A Must See for everyone! Mandela effect or not, quantum frequency pulse

ALERT Mandela Effect. Proof Something Isn't Right. Cern is having success.

Urgent ALERT This will affect everyone! MUST SEE mandela and cern

The Mandela Effect WHY CERN Holds the KEY. What YOU Aren't Supposed To Know.

Mandela Effect TRUTH and DECEPTION (A Must See!)

Mandela Effect ALERT Warning All Was Foretold!

Mandela effect or Quantum How and Why

Mandela Effect The Good, Bad, and ugly : JFK Lambchop?

PROOF! Quantum Effect (Walking Amongst The Dead) Mandela Residue

The Dividing of Time Quantum Effect / Mandela residue / CERN / D-Wave

Twilight Heavens Quantum Residue or mandela salt to savour

Why Christians Hate the Mandela Effect / Quantum Reality

ALERT We are ALL being played! YOUR Memories to mandela effect

What You Don't Know Could Destroy You (Brain initiative ? Mandela ? Mind Control?)

Fantastic! MUST SEE. From Mandela Effect to Matrix From Quantum Change To Bananas

YOU Should Watch This (Is it The End of The World As We Know It ?)

ALERT America Are You Ready for This? Serious and Somber WW3?


"If you forget me, you've lost nothing. If you forget God you've lost everything. "

Special thanks to the late John Turner "Photohelix" for helping me and so many others to wake up to the changes all around us.

Photohelix was a true champion for Truth who was unafraid to make a difference in this world. He died from lung cancer in June 2020. This page is a tribute to Photohelix. May his memory and lessons learned from him contine.

Alert ! Photohelix Dies On Camera! Heart Breaking. READ Description people!

Alert WW3 Think Tank / Anthony Patch Believes Mandela Effect / and Much More

EVERY CHRISTIAN Should SEE THIS! Play with Fire and you may get Burnt!

Alert Amazing Must SEE ! Before removed! Pizzagate to Mandela effect, From Washington to Rome!

Alert America WHAT IF This Were YOU? A post apocalyptic short

Are YOU In The Matrix Bubble? Wise Words to Consider.

YOU Really should Watch This. Awesome information. From Twilight to Reality

YOU Really should Watch This. Awesome information. From Twilight to Reality

Wow! Just WOW! A MUST See This! Especially Mandela Effect Community