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I Abhor CERN

Seek truth. Expose evil. CERN is evil.

What Was Shall Be Again

As It Was In the Days of Noah, So Shall It Be In the Coming of the Son of Man

Lucifer was a powerful angel in heaven. He became prideful and challenged God; he wanted to be worshiped. . God cast him out of heaven and to the earth. He became the princes of the air, going to and fro , seeking whom he may devour. Many theologian speculate that this was when the spirit of evil, Satan, entered the serpent in the Garden of Eden. God had already commanded Adam to not eat of the tree in the middle of the garden. God then created woman. Adam failed to inform Eve of God's command. Even ate the fruit, and Adam followed. At that point, God instituted punishment for the first sin of disobedience. The human race was now impure., tainted;. Man needed to be redeemed. The population of earth grew, and sin also grew.

Let's go back to the other fallen angels. When Lucifer was thrown out of heaven, he took 1/3 of the angels of heaven with him. Some of the angels who were thrown out of heaven with Lucifer started having sex with the women of earth and with animals. The result of the humans-fallen angel union was hybrid giants called the nephilim. The nephilim are a corruption of the human genome. According to researchers, giants stood as tall as 20 feet before the flood. After the flood, the fallen angels returned and created more nephilim which continued to pollute the human race. God viewed (and still views) the nephilim as an abomination. As a result, God locked up the fallen angels in the bottomless pit.

In CERN's videos, scientists speak about opening dimensions and having matter leak in or out of those dimensions. Because of the satanic ceremonies regarding CERN, I believe there is more to the science than that. I theorize that part of the intent of the experiments is to open the door to the bottomless pit, to release the god that is worshiped by many around the world, Apollyon.

I suspect that after Apollyon is released, he will be presented as a the being that created the world. This fallen angel will be presented as an alien that wants to help the people of earth. He will promise an end to sickness and eternal life. He will perform lying wonders that will dazzle the masses., and most people will believe that the creature is actually the Messiah. The Bible tells us that the beast and the false prophet will demand allegiance and worship. They will require everyone to get a mark (mark of the beast) in the forehead or in the right hand. Without that mark, no one will be able to buy or sell anything. 

Satan is the father of lies. He tells half truths and outright lies. He will promise eternal life. That part is true. those who receive the mark, will indeed live forever. The bad part is that those individuals will not be able to die, even when they want to. Technology from forbidden knowledge will create a new line of hybrid. The newest version of nephilim involves transhumanism and the mark of the beast, which will merge humans and computers. The mark changes DNA. The individuals become part of the beast, a modern version of hybrid that God abhors. Whenever nephilim were present in the Old Testament, God wiped them out. There is no grace and no mercy because Satan is filled with sin.

A global group of Luciferians, which are aided by CERN is mainly focused on opening the prison that holds the fallen angels.

When CERN manages to open the bottomless pit, Apollyon/Abaddon will be accompanied with a horde of stinging locusts (Rev. 9:3-11). The locusts will be on the earth for five months, stinging those who have accepted the mark. Life on earth will be so horrible under the beast system, people will try to kill themselves but will continue to live.

CERN has already opened interdimensional portals; the Effect is a result of that. I theorize that the winged fairy creature below came through one of those portals. This may be one of the stinging locusts that were foretold in the book of Revelation. We are so very close to the end, the Mark of the Beast, the Tribulation, the Battle of Armageddon, and the Millennial Reign of Christ. The clock is ticking down. Even the next minute is not guaranteed. You must make a decision. Failing to make a decision is actually making a decision. Failing to accept Jesus' free gift is actually rejection.

There are certain things we will be unable to escape. The prophecies the Father gave to us will come to pass; they are already coming to pass in front of your eyes. There is no escape. There will be a final battle of good vs. evil, Satan vs. Jesus. In the end, everyone will have to stand before God and give an account of his deeds, whether good or bad.  

There will also be a judgement for each of us, a judgement of sin for the unsaved and the judgement seat for the Christian. Hell is the destination for the unsaved because no one is pure enough to enter heaven without Jesus' blood. The Christian will immediately be with the Father after death. Jesus' blood paves the way. For the Christian, rewards are at stake. The Christian will receive rewards and lose rewards based on the motives for his deeds while he was on earth. The verdict for both the sinner and the saved is eternal.

The question for you to answer is where you will spend eternity. Because Jesus shed his blood to wash away our sins, we can stand before God as if we have never sinned. We have to accept Him as our savior though. It's as simple as believing that Jesus is the Son of God and that He died for your sins and was raised from the dead. It's a matter of speaking that belief, asking God for forgiveness of your sins, and turning away from sin. If you sin, you must ask God to forgive you and turn from that sin.

The videos below include quite a bit of Bible prophecy involving the past, present, and future. I've included Enoch, Daniel, Jude, and Revelation. I also delve into the ancient knowledge that was passed down from the fallen angels. I've included information on the history of Satan, the fallen angels, and giants. There's also content about Sodom and Gomorrah and God's judgment on those cities. David Beverley provided some great insight on the subject.

On this page, you'll notice several L.A. Marzulli videos on demons that pose as aliens, the Mark of the Beast, and implants. From the videos, you will see that we are headed for some turbulent times. As it was before, so shall it be again. As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of Man. The fallen angels will return and bring a whole horde of trouble (Rev. 9:3-11).

I've included links to evidence of the Jesus as the Son of God and Bible prophecy coming to pass. Though Satan has thought to change times and laws, including parts of the Bible, he cannot change the Word, Jesus Christ. Jesus, the Messiah, the Word of God will never change (See John 1:1, 14 and Rev. 19:13). Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore. I threw in a few videos on near death experiences, heaven, and hell because I care about your eternal soul. Learn about the Lord,; He died so that you will have an opportunity to spend eternity with Him. Get a Bible, study, and hide the scriptures in your heart.

In the last video on the page, Rev. Graham leads the "sinner's prayer." My goal is for you to accept Christ as Lord while you can. The Church Age is winding down. 

For more information about salvation, go to the Three Hearts Church page. Pastor Beltram leads the sinner's prayer at the end of her sermons. Her messages on the Mandela Effect/Quantum Effect are phenomenal.

Where will you spend eternity? The choice is yours.

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LA Marzulli and Tom Horn: Aliens are Demons

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Biblical UFO's & The Coming Deception Chuck Missler Aliens, Fallen Angels are Aliens

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The Great Deception

I got into a discussion regarding Sodom and Gomorrah on Facebook on Sunday.

Here is my post:

The deception has started.

A friend and fellow church member told me something shocking. She said that our assistant pastor is teaching that Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed because of their failure to help the poor, not because of their sexual immorality. She said this happened during the mid-week church class last week. The teaching was on Ezekiel 16:48.

This minister (I'll call him Rev.) is the same one I talked to about the Effect months ago. At that time, I gave Rev. Scriptures in the KJV. He pulled out a concordance and said the meanings of the words were the same. He said that I have the wrong version of the KJV Bible.

A few days ago, I asked you whether we could wake the Church. I now have the answer: no. Like Rev. at my church, most pastors will believe a lie.

There's something about having the Word hidden within your heart and praying for the Spirit to bring all things to your memory that He has taught you.

Both the pastor and Rev. were raised in the church and taught the Scriptures.

Last week, I heard the pastor read three Scriptures that have been corrupted. He first read the Scriptures as he had been taught from childhood. He realized that what he read didn't match what they remembered, and he then read the changed Scriptures. He didn't even stumble or pause to ask why there was a difference.

During the mid-week class, his assistant taught something that is contrary to Scripture. It seems that the changed Ezekiel 16:48 and surrounding Scriptures are making a way for homosexuality to be accepted.

The deception has started. The Church will not recognize that the Bible has been corrupted. The Church will believe a lie.

My impulse is "Run, Forrest, run" but where can I go? My family is believing the deception. They refuse to leave. We are in deep trouble.

Someone asked what the previous scripture on Ezekiel 16:48 previously said.

All of the following information was posted by David Beverly Sr.:

To be honest - I don't remember what the correct wording was - BUT I DO KNOW - that God did not destroy Sodom for "not helping the poor" --- He destroyed SODOM for "fornication" (going after strange flesh) by the way --- that "strange flesh" was NOT homosexuality --- but it was SEX WITH ANGELIC HOSTS. and we have some proof of that in JUDE Jude 6 And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.

7 Even as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

8 Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities. ------- Remember Lot was going to send his own daughters out to the men who came beating on his door saying "send them out to us - so that we may have our way with them..." and then the angelic visitors at Lot's house made them all go blind when they cracked the door open --- those men knew that Lot's visitors were "angels" of the Most High. they were extremely evil men - like the days of Noah.

Here is how I responded: "I really like this post from David Beverley. I believe the reference to Sodom and Gomorrah in Jude that Mr. Beverly provided clears up the question of why the cities were destroyed. Ministers teach that the cities were destroyed for homosexuality. I have been taught wrong information. The information David presents is true. Thank you, sir."

The following comments were posted on David Beverley's Facebook page: The Lord has been showing me recently that the separation is beginning and you will have to leave those people. It is like at the Tower of Babel you have to go with the people that are speaking your language. We have to let go of the things of this world and the people. They aren't ready yet some will come later. You can't look back like Lots wife you have to let go. If you trust God and know of his great love for people he will save everyone he can. He does not desire them to go to hell what comes next is for there benefit to help them choose the right way. He chose us and saved us from this great deception so he will save them when they are ready. He knows their hearts..

The following is another Beverley comment: It is also written - to those that much is given, MUCH MORE is required -- so I would think that what has been given us - OPEN EYES that see - and EARS that hear - MUCH MORE IS EXPECTED OF US. --- I also agree - the wheat and tares are being separated --- wow.... it should (at least) cause us to pause and consider the time we are in.

Beverly added more comments:

Anyone else reading this ---- There has been through-out the ages - a constant satanic agenda that is THE MAIN THING THAT GETS YHVH TO ACT in cataclysmic ways. it is this: satan and his seed. - this is mentioned in Genesis 3:15 when God (YHVH) tells Adam, Eve and the serpent -- "Your seed will be at enmity with her seed..." --- God knew that satan would corrupt mankind and insert "his seed" into His creation. God's creation.

MANKIND. --- satan/lucifer (call him what you want) - worked his evil plan to a crescendo when we get to the days of Noah: "All flesh was corrupt, and their thoughts were continuously evil. - but NOAH found favor in the eyes of God" (I am paraphrasing) --- everyone and everything - practically every living creature's flesh was corrupted by the actions of satan and a relatively small group of "fallen angels" (called "the watchers" in scripture and extra-Biblical texts like Enoch and Jasher) ---- things in Noah's day were so bad that God "repented that He had made man ON THE EARTH." (not that He had made man - but that He had made man on the earth - follow?) - so God flooded the earth. ---

I'm sure we all know the story of the flood. and we can be sure that the flood event DID HAPPEN. every culture has a flood account. the names may be different - because there was another event that happened AFTER the flood - to cause men to use different languages: THE TOWER OF BAB EL (I wrote this separately to emphasize the correct understanding - BAB means "gateway" and EL is a name referring to God).

Centuries later we have the Hebrews trekking through the desert - and they come across "giants" ("we were as grasshoppers to them - in our eyes" - the scouts tell Joshua and the rest of the Hebrews) ---- Once again we have a problem with satanic seed - and YHVH tells the Hebrews/Israelites to "utterly destroy all of them" - men, women and children. even their livestock. --- It is important to note - REALLY IMPORTANT. --- YHVH never desires to destroy HIS CREATION. It is God's will that NONE SHOULD PERISH. right? --- so we need to understand - those that God said to destroy - WERE NOT HUMAN. they were corrupted flesh.  

Then we get to Jesus' day - (Yeshua hamashiach) - in Matthew 24 Jesus tells the disciples that His return would be when things are "as in the days of Noah" --- we also have references to things being so bad in the end times, that if God didn't shorten the days "no flesh would be saved" --- again - the reference is to "flesh" --- not men/women --- another time when "flesh would become increasingly corrupted" --- by satanic seed. WE ARE IN THOSE DAYS. does anyone reading this know what a TRIPLE HELIX is? ever heard of ? Transhumanism?

Beverly continued: Please do your own research and look into these things for more understanding. as NICHOLSON1968 says - THIS IS SATAN'S END-GAME. - he wants to remake mankind in his image. this is what he has been doing all through the ages. This is what has gotten YHVH to move powerfully on the affairs of men. we should remember - that when Jesus returns - there will be a huge upheaval of the earth. the sun will go dark, the moon will not give its light, the stars will fall to the earth - the sky will roll back as a scroll, the mountains will be laid low, the islands will receded, many people -who go out to do battle against God (utter futility) - will be destroyed by Jesus' Word. their blood will flow for 100+ miles as high as a horse's bridle. This is scripture. This is truth.

David Beverly, Sr. is a columnist at the Chester, South Carolina newspaper, "The News & Reporter." The link to some of his articles is . Mr. Beverley's YouTube channel is

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